Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yes the day is here. The Maginots are blogging. I know what you're saying. The Maginots are probably the least technologically advanced people I know. It's true. We don't have blackberries, we don't have text messaging (so don't text us), we don't have an ipod (we do have an mp3 player. We got it a year and a half ago. It has two songs on it), and we don't have a website, but we do have a blog. In fact, we have two. That's how technologically advanced we are. So take that all you one blog people out there.
Now you're probably saying to yourselves. What on earth do you need two blogs for. Well, we got the idea from someone else. See he decided that he needed two sets of records, we'll call them plates. One he called the large plates and it included more day to day things. The other he called the small plates and they included more important things. It seemed like a good idea for him so I guess we'll go with the same idea. One blog we'll call the large plates of Maginot (although we're not using plates so maybe we should call it...oh...I don't know...moving on). So one blog (this one, "Maginot") will contain more of what is happening in our family and will probably be written most by Michelle. The other, "Jon Maginot", will contain my random thoughts and things that are important for you to know.
So we hope you enjoy this special look into our family.