Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's my Party!

Dad grillin... with Grandpa Maginot & Dan in the back

Jacob playing in the pool... you can't go wrong with water and little boys!

Jacob, Kayden (with Carson's head right behind him), & Andre

Jacob's cake! The before...

and after...
This was my first endeavor to make a creative cake more than just putting the mix in a 9x13 pan and frosting the top. I ran into a few complications while making the cake, but did a little improvising, and in the end I think it turned out pretty good. I am proud of what I created. :-)

Singing Happy Birthday to Jacob and trying to get him to blow out the candle... mom and dad had to help a bit with blowing out the candle. But not with eating the cake, Jacob was able to handle that just fine!
What is this?

mmmm, I like it!

Do you want some too?

Friends who helped us celebrate Jacob's birthday!

more friends... Andrew & Julie Stanger (plus me)

Grandma Maginot and Charlene

Ashleigh (w/ baby Violet), Me & Birthday boy, Michiko (w/ baby Cosette)

Husbands of the three of us above: Mike, Brandon, Birthday boy's Daddy

Jacob and parents opening up presents. Jacob loved all of his presents, but the firetruck was best of all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Adventures on my 1st Birthday!

We went to the Long Beach Aquarium and then out to dinner for my 1st Birthday! We had a great time! Thank you to Grandpa & Grandma Maginot!
I loved checking out all the fish and cruisin around the aquarium!

I have the greatest Dad in the whole world!

Aren't I the cutest? :-)

Gotta love my grandparents!

Me & Mom have a great time together!

Grandpa, me, Daddy, and cousin Hunter... I sure do love the attention!

Yep, I am the cutest!

Mom got to feed the bird and touch it. She loved it!

I wanted to too, and when I tried to touch the bird it bit me. But I'm a tough kid and got over it really quick; I still wanted to get close to the birds even after one bit my finger. I just loved the birds!

The whole crew at Chili's! Thanks for giving me a great 1st Birthday!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jacob was born 1 year ago today

This is how I looked when we first started pushing and thought Jacob was coming out. But apartenly he didn't want to and went back up the birth canal, he decided to come out about 5 hours later..... ugh! And this is how I looked and felt after those 5 hours of pushing, 26 hours of labor, IV issues, and an epidural that tried to suffocate me.

Jacob getting cleaned up. (I know, not the cutest baby ever back then, but he sure is now!)
Daddy and Baby first bonding....aahhh

The crew that brought the baby into this world (missing my mom-the camera lady, and another nurse)

Sleeping after all that hard work... And let me tell you, it sure was hard work, probably the hardest day of my life was the day Jacob was born.
I can't believe it has been one year already. We love Jacob so so much and are so grateful he is apart of our lives.
Happy First Birthday Jacob!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Fun!!

We had some friends over for a BBQ (the Johnson's & McMillian's), the kids played and had a great time. We ate lots of good food, played the Wii, and had fun with our friends.
Jacob & Andre chillin in the pool

Hanging out.

Trying to get all three boys to pose for a picture.....yeah right.

Jacob, Andre, Filipe

We watched the fireworks from the Los Angeles Temple; it was perfect, no crowds, no crazy traffic or parking, no super loud fireworks noises to make Jacob cry, and lots of fireworks shows to watch. We could probably see 20 different shows (some obviously very far away, but some close enough we could hear them). If you look at the picture close you can see Jacob pointing to the fireworks. He loved them!

Jacob & mommy watching fireworks with the Temple in the background.
Gotta love how cute he is!
We are so grateful to live in the United States with all of the freedoms, blessings, and opportunities it provides to us. As my favorite patriotic song says, "God bless the USA"!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Jacob can stand!!

On July 3rd Jacob finally discovered he can stand unaided. He has been getting himself to a standing position with the aid of something to hold on to since he was just over 6 months old, and he has been walking, again with something to hold on to, just shortly after that. So of course we thought Jacob would be walking early. However, Jacob decided to be a pansy about standing and walking alone. So here we have it, he will be one in four days, and just barely started standing alone. The picture above doesn't show him standing alone, but it was the first night he really started standing and it's the only picture we got of him. As you can see from the smile, he is very excited and proud of his new found talent, as are his parents!

These two pictures were captured just yesterday of him standing by himself. And yes, that is him brushing his teeth. A few months ago I gave him my old tooth brush and ever since he loves brushing his teeth with mom... it's so cute.
And for those of you who are so observant that you noticed he is wearing the same onesie in all 3 pictures... no he did not wear the same onesie for 3 days straight. That's his pajama onsie; the first pic was taken right before bed, and the next two were taken in the morning before we changed him.