Friday, August 22, 2008

Three Wonderful Years!

August 13th was our 3rd wedding anniversary. I know this is coming a little late, but we were at a family reunion on our anniversary, in fact we have never really been able to fully celebrate our anniversary. Year one we were moving from Utah to DC, year two we were moving from Sunnyvale to Los Angeles, and year three we were at Lake Almanor with 39 other people.
I just want everyone to know that I have the greatest husband anyone could ever hope or ask for. I have loved growing, learning, stretching, laughing, crying, kissing, praying, exploring, discovering, hugging, and most of all being with Jon everyday, knowing he will always be by myside and always be there for me.
I love you Jon to eternity and beyond!!
The day Jon proposed on BYU's campus

Our wedding day!

1st Anniversary
I don't actually have a picture on our Anniversary for 2006, but this was just a few weeks after when we were at the Nauvoo Temple.

2nd Anniversary

Yes, I know I look fat, but remember I just had a baby a month earlier.

3rd Anniversary

dang he's a good kisser! :-)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jacob is Walking!!

Jacob took his first steps on Thursday July 17th. It was perfect timing too, right when Grandma Evans came to visit. About half an hour before she came I tried to get Jacob to take a step, he took what I would call half of a step (kind of scooted his foot). Then when Jon was helping my mom bring her stuff in Jacob and I were waiting at the front door and he took one step, his first step along! Then when Grandma walked in the door he took a few steps, we got the video camera out really fast (thanks to Grandma for bringing it down), and captured him walking across the kitchen floor (video to come later). He was so excited about his new found talent/skill that often he would get too excited and happy and would just fall over every time he tried to walk, it was the cutest thing ever! Crawling is still his fastest mode of transportation but in the last few days walking has become his favorite way of getting himself around. It's so fun to watch him discover his walking abilities... and he's still not a good enough walker to take him to that next stage of "walking", so it's just perfect right now! Oh, also, for the last month he is pretty much sleeping through the night 11-12 hours straight... I never knew how much fun it is to be a mom!

Jacob practicing his walking one week after he took his first steps.