Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am Thankful for....

First and foremost for the gospel of Jesus Christ and my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Going along with that theme, I'm grateful that I will be with my family forever.

Jon, and what a wonderful husband and father he is!

Jacob, for his smiles and laughter and love of life!

Shae, Ronnie & Jr., the greatest neighbors anyone could ever ask for!

Of course all of my extended family both on my side and on Jon's side, and most especially my parents for all they do for me and the support they are to me.

That Jon is able to go to grad school at such a great school (even if they can't win a national title while we are here) :-)

All of the friends we have made down here in LA.

All of my friends everywhere else, those who grew up with me, those I met, and especially those I lived with in Provo during my college years, plus my DC friends, and the sisters I gained at BYU-Hawaii.

That reminds me I have to be grateful for Polynesians and the Polynesian culture that I am apart of in my heart, Aloha! Ofa atu!

Here's a short list of other things that I am grateful for: The beach, waves, sand, sunshine and warmth, looking at snow from a distance, yummy food, fleece blankets, cuddling, kissing my lover, remembering happy memories, getting a good night's sleep, Hawaii, traveling, laughing, chatting with friends, seeing friends I haven't seen in ages, loving others and being loved, free babysitters, being healthy, back massages, smiling... the list could go on but I think I'll stop there before this gets too long.

I am grateful for Thanksgiving, not only because I love the dinner, but because it helps me reflect on all the things I am blessed with and all of the things I am so grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving! And happy eating!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have an unhealthy addiction...

to Twilight.
We were up in Sacramento this weekend for Jon's class, staying at Chris & Adrienne's (our uncle & aunt) with their 5 kids who are so cute and so much fun. Side tangant, I brought my camera to take pics of them with Jacob but my battery was dead, so no pics of the fun weekend with them. But we sure did have a great time, thanks Porters! Anywho back to the reason for this post: The room we were staying in had a bookshelf and I noticed the 4 books in the Twilight series (in the last month or so I have thought about reading them), so I decided to start book 1. I read that book, all 500 pages, in less than 48 hours. I don't think I've ever read that much that fast. I was obssesed I carried the book every where with me while I was taking care of Jacob. As soon as the book ended I started book 2, and continued to read like a crazy woman. I had about 50 pages left in the book when we left Sacramento so Adrienne let me borrow her copy. I finished that yesterday morning, and was planning on waiting until Thanksgiving break to read 3 and 4, but by midday I couldn't wait any longer. Those books are controlling my life. I went to the Library yesterday afternoon, but nada. I called 4 different friends, nada. I came home and I was dying. I called another friend and left a message, a few hours later she called me back, and she has book 3! I was ecstatic, but then I was bummed because she won't be able to give me the book until tonight. I've been going crazy, I haven't read it for 24 hours now, and I still have probably another 10 hours until I get the book, but then I have a meeting tonight. I have a feeling I am going to be up late tonight. :-)

*please, in no way say anything to reveal anything that happens in book 3 or 4

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Fun

Jacob loved his bee costume, especially his hood. Okay...so he hated wearing his hood, he probably wore that hood for a grand total of 2 minutes while we were trying to capture a cute picture of our little bee.
So I learned my lesson, never again will I make a costume that requires some sort of a hat unless the kid actually asks for the hat and tells me he wants to wear it. Thank you to my mom for her help with the costume, she made the hood, and helped with the wings. I was so proud of myself for sewing the stripes on. In case you can't tell I was flowers (bees attracted to flowers), and if you look closely at Jon he has a box around his neck full of papers with the letter "B", can you figure out what he is?

Our family trip to the pumpkin patch, Jacob loved running around and exploring!
And we loved watching him!
His two favorite things of the night were pushing around the little car they had there and riding the pony. We wish we had video footage of the pony ride, he as a little hesitant at first, but once they got going he was having the greatest time and loving it!

After the great time at the pumpkin patch (atleast the city's version of a pumpkin patch) we went to the grocery store and got a nice big pumpkin for $6 (at the pumpkin patch it would have been $25)