Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas in Sunnyvale

So these pics are a little old, it's taken me awhile to finally upload our Christmas pictures onto the computer, but here they are. We had a wonderful Christmas, Jacob's uncles and aunt loved playing with Jacob and he loved playing with them. Christmas Eve at Grandpa & Grandma Porter's House. The amazing Grandma's taco's and the special gold blanket with Christmas stories made for a wonderful evening!
Dessert all over, must have been good!

Twiner sisters!

enjoying the blanket and stories: Jon, Michael, David, Michelle

All the boys on the blanket!

Christmas Day!
I think all the pics of Jacob opening presents is on my mom's camera, including the traditional stairs photos.

Jon's brother and family came from Rhode Island to visit, we were so excited to see them and spend time with them!
Jon & Mark

Cousin Jillian

The Cousins at the Severns Light display (Jillian, Cadencem Jacob)

Jon, the favorite horse to ride!

Uncle D with his Kangaroo pouch for J-ram (just for you David)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Free at Last!

Tuesday was a great day! Tuesday night we left Jacob in the hands of his nana (my mom), and we went to a hotel for our first night together away from Jacob. Our hotel was my grandparents house (thank you to our wonderful grandparents) 3 blocks away from my parents... the reason for this hotel choice-it cost nothing! Also, if Jacob spending the night away from us was a crash and burn we could come back quite easily. I am happy to report we received no phone calls from my mom, we had a wonderful night together watching movies and relaxing, and when we returned Jacob was happy and my mom said it went well. Hooray, it was a success!