Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So even though I posted once this month, it was about things we did the middle of January. So here's a 5 week summary to bring you up to date. In the last 5 weeks we have been home for 19 of those days and away for 18 days, it's been a whirl wind, but fun too!

First we went up to Sacramento for the first half of Jon's final MPA class, we spent the 5 days with Casey & Jo Lynn, (friends I met back in high school). We had a great time hanging out, and playing games.

Their daughter Savanah, & Jacob loved the bubbles.

We went to Fairytale Land one day, here's a couple pics from that:

Dad & Jacob hanging out at home. Jacob loves his Dad, he always tries to copy Dad, and no one can make Jacob laugh like Daddy can- they are so cute together!

This is in Monterey with the Fish Hopper restaurant in the background. Jon went to a California City Manager's conference in Monterey, since this is where we honeymooned we left Jacob with Nana & Grandpa in Sunnyvale and spent 3 days at the conference (which was a great success, learned tons and met a lot of people in the field). During the evenings we had some time to ourselves, and Friday the conference ended at 11:00am so of course we walked around downtown and ate the greatest clam chowder ever at the Fish Hopper. So fun to reminisce and be single again for a few days(my definition of single: childless). I am also happy to report that Jacob did great away from us, when he first woke up my mom said he was a little sad and checked every room in the house, but once he realized we weren't there he starting playing with toys with Nana and was happy the rest of the time. Went down for his naps, slept through the night, had a great time. Hooray, what a sucess for all of us! Jon & Michelle at the same Monterey beach 3 1/2 years ago on our honeymoon

We went to Disneyland on my birthday, since I already have a pass they gave me a gift card worth $69 to spend on merchandise in the park. Normally I would never buy a $50 sweatshirt, but since I was given free money I bought a pink d-land sweatshirt that I love- Thank you Disneyland! And Jon got me one of the birthday buttons to wear around- Thank you Jon!

Off to Sacramento one more time for the second half of Jon's final MPA class, Casey & Jo Lynn let us stay with them again (in just over a month we spent 10 days at their house, you two are so wonderful, thank you mucho!).
Here's the kids enjoying bath time.
We have no plans to be traveling anytime soon, but with the way we live I'm sure something will come up. We love having visitors, so come and visit before we move!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maginot Grandparents come to visit!

Jacob loved the extra attention with Grandpa and Grandma around, and I loved the extra help. These are all pictures that Grandma took while they were here... a little summary of their visit.... hanging out at home

Jacob loves taking the time to smell the roses

Grandpa & Jacob at Santa Monica beach... so precious (and I love that Jacob is caring the towel bag, such a good helper)

Jacob eating Spaghetti with Grandma

We spent Martin Luther King weekend down in San Diego, so so fun! Jacob loved the rides at Sea World, and loved waving to Grandpa, Grandma & Daddy every time we went on a ride.
We all loved the Shamu show, so amazing, and so fun to watch Jacob watching the show.

Visiting the Buswell's-an old family friend from Kansas. This is Jordan Buswell, his younger brother Ashton is one of Jon's closest friends growing up.

Jacob's new best buds!

Sure loves water

Balboa Park

Jacob totally loved the train ride and wanted to ride it again

Jacob also loves the fish in the water

can you tell

I just love his expressions

couldn't get enough of the fish and the water.... and couldn't get enough of Grandpa & Grandma Maginot. We were sad to see them go.