Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm hooked... again

I had finally gotten over my Twilight obsession and was living a normal life again until last night. We had a girls night at my friends place and we watched Twilight- loved it! (even with the lame special effects and lines). I was sucked back in again, and left my friends house with her copy of Twilight... can't wait until Jacob's nap in about 30 minutes, maybe we'll make it 20 minutes :-)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free movie rentals

Redbox is giving a code away every wednesday in March and the first week in April for a free movie rental. Check out the website here! Pop some popcorn and start watching free movies!

So I went to our local Redbox last night to get Twilight- their website said they had it now, and I was so excited to watch it for free! But when I got there there was no Twilight in the Redbox and they won't have it until the 21st... I guess next wednesday will be Twilight night!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I have an anouncement...


So, I don't really have anything going on blog worthy, but didn't want to just ignore my blog so I thought I'd send a St. Patrick's day greeting. I didn't know what to title the blog and figured this title would catch people's attention. Well, that's all. Have a happy day! :-)

p.s. if you know of any job openings in city government Jon's looking
p.p.s. I can't wait to have kids old enough so that when I do fun things to celebrate holidays they'll enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have a dilema...

and I don't know what to do. So this might seem unimportant & insignificant to you, but I'm really stressing about it and having a hard time deciding. My Disneyland season pass expires today and the question is do I renew my pass or not. Here's some of the reasons for not renewing my pass: there is a good chance we will only be here in LA for another 2 or 3 months, I've already had a whole year to go to D-land and experience all the fun, I've gone on every ride except for the kiddie roller coaster in toontown, every time we drive down there it costs another $5 in gas, and the biggest one, it costs $134 for the annual pass. Here's some reasons to renew my pass: I love D-land! and so does Jacob, we also have a fun time there, when again will we be able to go to d-land for so cheap, I have $20 left over from my b-day gift card d-land gave me (for those who don't know you can go to d-land or d-world for free on your b-day this year, just go here)- and we have about $70 in d-land rewards dollars that I can use for the pass- so that means we only have to spend about $45 in cash (but $45 is a lot of money for us, and that $90 could be spent on Disney merchandise as gifts or other things to save us money). It's hard to justify spending that money when I've already been to d-land a lot and when we are living on student loans. I am seriously going crazy and stressing about this... hopefully I can make a decision soon and have no regrets. You know, if we had lots of friends coming down to visit and going to Disneyland it would make my decision easier :-)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday DAD (Grandpa)!

Thanks for being a wonderful Father, Father-in-law and Grandpa! We love you so much, Happy Birthday!
Michelle, Jon, & Jacob

The Bachelor

Last night concluded my first and last season of watching the Bachelor.
To summarize.... stupid, stupid, stupid!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Thoughts on our President

I saw this on my sisters blog and thought it is the perfect description. Obama really does have an amazing and powerful way of speaking. And to give him a sincere compliment, there is a real power in the way he speaks which makes people feel more hopeful and happy. During his speech to congress I was in tears several times (good, happy tears), and I was motivated to do a little more and be a little better. Maybe the way Obama makes people feel will be enough to fix some of our problems, becauase when I look at the things he has actually done I am not so happy, for example: he sold himself for 800 billion dollars-the majority of the 800 billion stimulus is going to people who helped him get into office; all the corrupt politicians he is trying to put into his cabinet (scandals, not paying excessive amounts of taxes, etc); says he wants to be bipartisan, but doesn't really care what the republicans have to say about the stimulus or anything else for that matter; in the name of bipartisanship nominates a republican senator as secretary of commerce and then takes away one of the biggest duties of that secretary, the census (which mind you is suppose to be a non partisan project), and gives it to his chief of staff. And it just so happens this senator is also from a state with a democratic governor who would name a democrat to the senate thus giving the democrats the 60 person vote to stop filibusters (props to this senator for declining.
I am still hopeful that Barak President Obama will be a great president, but not nearly as hopeful as I was the night he was elected.