Tuesday, May 12, 2009

News to share...

which should be exciting...but it's sure been a challenge for me.

We are expecting baby number 2 mid-December!

This should be a happy and exciting time, but I am miserably sick and it's been so hard to feel even remotely excited about it. I went straight from the head cold for a week, a sinus infection for a week (we confirmed we were pregnant when I went to the Dr. for the sinus infection), to nausea 24/7... and for those who don't know I really hate feeling nauseous and do not handle it very well. I never had a day to be excited about being pregnant w/ out being sick. I'm writing all of this not to complain, and not to get sympathy, but to put in writing one of my greatest challenges in life. It's hard to explain, but for some reason, still unknown to me, pregnancy is my greatest difficulty and challenge. I am working on healing and overcoming the emotional difficulty/misery that comes along with the misery of feeling so sick (because, again for reasons unknown to me, healing from the physical sickness is not in the game plan). I have started just barely to gain a new perspective/understanding on the Atonement, and relying/having faith in Christ, but I still have a long way to go. I know the Lord wants us to grow and learn and he gives each of us just the right challenges that are best for us (even if we really hate those challenges).

So I'm also letting you know that I am sick in hopes that you will understand why I haven't been a very good friend in the last month keep contacting, remembering birthday's, and that sort of thing, and why I might not be a very good friend for the next 7 months.

And finally, the one shinning moment in all of this....you know what, this post is getting too long, and I need to go eat. I'll save this for my next post. But I do want to say my husband has been so so amazing, taking care of me, Jacob and the house, and packing/moving-thank you Jon!