Monday, June 29, 2009

sorry I'm a slacker

So sorry my blog has been dead for almost 2 months (and to forwarn, as long as I am feeling sick, my blog will probably stay pretty dead. I know this sounds weird, but for some reason using the computer makes me feel more sick). I've meant to do a quick update for awhile now, but have yet to get our pictures uploaded for the last almost 2 months- hopefully I'll do that soon. And for now, here's the basics on us....

Jacob loves living w/ his grandparents and uncles and aunt, lots of people to play with and love him (mom and dad love the extra help w/ Jacob as well). He's still a happy, smiley kid. But sometimes when he doesn't get what he wants it breaks his poor little heart and he just cries like it's the end of the world. Sometimes it's a little cute, and sometimes it drives me nuts. I am just grateful and lucky that most of the time he is happy, cheerful and laughing.

I'm still sick, but surviving- we have our ultrasound July 14th, so hopefully we'll be able to find out the gender of the little munchkin causing so much sickness to my body :-) That reminds me, Jacob loves babies and loves saying hi and blowing kisses to the baby inside of me- it's so cute- I just hope he's this cute when the baby is here.

Jon's been working for a month now and seems to be enjoying his internship.

We miss our friends down in LA. If anyone down there, or any of our friends any where else what to come visit we'd love to see you! There's an open invitation...