Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For Grandma Maginot...

And anyone else who hasn't seen Jacob in awhile & wants to see a million pics of him from the last 2 1/2 months (maybe not a million, more like 17).
Jacob & I went to a park in Los Gatos w/ a train to ride on & a stationary train to play on at the playground- he loved it!...
So we went back a few days later on Jacob's Birthday as a family. Daddy & Jacob rode the train & the carousel.
Later that day we had an extended family birthday party with swimming, pizza, cake & presents. Jacob enjoyed swimming with Daddy, opening the presents, and blowing out the camdles on his Mickey cake (thank you to my sister for make the cake- super cute!)
A week after his Birthday we all went camping at Lehi Park in the Santa Cruz mountains. David was even home for the week. So it was the entire 7 Evans & Jon & Jacob... with that whole group comes good times and bad times. Jacob loved camping, minus the obnoxious nats/flies that swarmed our faces all day. I taught him to say shew flies... it was really cute. We made a little bedroom in the back of the van, blacked out the windows with trash bags and Jacob slept through the night perfectly!
Like father like son (Jon was laying there like that, so Jacob grabbed a pillow & joined him 8-16-09)Jacob wanted to take more pictures that day so here's a mommy & son pic.
Jacob loves the beach! He could probably spend all day there taking turns playing in the sand and playing in the water. He loves watching the waves come in too, especially the "big ones". 9-11-09 went to Seabright beach with Nana a few hours before we went up to Lehi Park for the ward campout- Jacob did great again camping, there were less flies- thank heavens- but whenever the flies came by Jacob's face he's say 'shew flies'.
Jacob likes to drink water out of the tap- loved this pose! 9-17-09
Jacob with his friend Ben. They are so cute playing together. Probably Jacob's closest friend- they have similar personalities and seem to play together really well. 9-18-09

Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday was a special day...

Last Saturday was one of the greatest days of my life!! Quite possibly in the top 5. Speaking of top 5 leads me to the reason why Saturday was such a great day. The BYU football team beat the #3 Oklahoma Sooners 14-13! The last time BYU beat a nonconference team ranked in the Top 10 was #1 Miami in 1990. And this was their first win over a ranked nonconference opponent since they defeated #14 Arizona State in 1998. Just wanted you to know this win was a really big deal. And I was really excited!! We also had a group of friends over to watch the game- we had lots of fun- and I wish I had taken pictures.
I love Max Hall

I didn't love Mckay Jacobson when he dropped the punt, but after this play, I love him too