Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jacob is the cutest!

I'm going to take a moment to brag about how precious Jacob is. On Sunday during General Conference (general conference happens twice a year & it's when the leaders of our church in Salt Lake city speak to all of the church members through out the world via satellite. I love general conference weekend, it is such a spiritual up lift!) I had Jacob spend a few minutes sitting with me when President Monson (the Prophet) spoke about helping others. I talked to Jacob about what President Monson was saying and talked to him about how he is a good helper when he helps unload the dishwasher or helps me vacumm. A few minutes later he goes into the other room saying something that I could not understand. When that session of general conference ended he wanted me to come in the other room with him, again saying something I couldn't understand. When we got in the other room I realized what he was saying. He had pulled the vacumm out of the closet, into the living room and wanted to help me vacumm. It was so cute and precious (of course brought tears to my eyes) and made me feel like I have the greatest kid ever!