Monday, December 20, 2010

Recent Happenings

I did a little photo shoot of Mckay- lots of cute pictures- don’t want to bore you with all of them so here’s a few of my favorites.

Photo shoot with both kids a few days later.

Watching BYU football at the Porters… go Cougars!
Dad & Jacob putting up the Christmas lights

Mom & Mckay admiring the finished Christmas lights!

The kids and I helped Nana & Uncle Mike cut down their Christmas tree… we had a great time!

(Jacob put his hand in his pocket and did that little foot/leg pop all on his own, thought it was so cute!)

Super strong Uncle Mike

car got stuck... fun adventure... and we made a new friend- Erik, who's Christmas tree farm we were at.

Something weird is happening to me…

I want a new little baby in the house, I don’t want my kids to grow-up, and I am wishing I could do last December again (delivering Mckay, bringing her home, and all the good stuff that came with that).

Now I know to many of you these feelings are not weird, but they are new to me. Previously I have not been a fan of little babies- I think having perfect baby Mckay changed that- and especially not a fan of the 9 months of feeling sick all the time in order to get the baby. Which by the way is the reason that I don’t think we’ll have a baby any time soon. As much as I want a baby, I am just not ready for the 9 months of nausea that comes along with it.

Also previously I’ve always been anxious and excited for the day all our kids are grown or out of the house so Jon and I can play, have more freedom, and serve a mission. And I’ve always been excited about my kids getting older; not really sad about leaving the stages they have gone through. It’s hard to explain exactly how I feel now, but I am sad about leaving this stage of life/motherhood. I am happy and loving it- being a mom is wonderful! (well- not quite as wonderful when Mckay’s not sleeping well- but overall it’s great!)

(I actually wrote these thoughts almost 4 weeks ago... but just now posting)
Also, if I keep trying to play catch up on my posts it will never happen and I'll give up. So I am just starting fresh and hopefully will be more regular now.

Monday, October 4, 2010

July Happenings

4th of July- patriotic program & pancake breakfast at church

Jacob's 3rd Birthday party! (it was fun planning a party now that he's old enough to get into it and love it. Of course it was train themed)
We spent a week and a half in Kansas with Jon's parents and had a great time- here's some highlights from that:
Helping Dad mow the lawn

playing with the toys

Fireman Jacob! Going to Grandpa's old fire station and climbing on the trucks.

riding the train at Gage Park

Grandpa & Mckay... waiting for Jacob & Dad while they rode the train again

Carousel at the park

Mckay learning to love the pool

Grammy & Mckay

love this face!

watching them pour the cement to fix the drive way... Jacob & Grandpa time

Fireman Jacob again. With Grandpa's toys.

Playing with Bella. Jacob was cute playing with her, Mckay was pretty terrified at first.

Monday, August 23, 2010

June Adventures

The big event in June was our Maginot Family Reunion in Orlando Florida (celebrating Dad & Mom's 40 year wedding anniversary)- we had tons of fun! Highlights include- playing at the resort pool, hanging out in the condo playing with cousins, Discovery Cove, Aquatica & Sea World. at the pool with Hunter, Jon, Jacob, Grandpa

Discovery Cove was probably the highlight for us- we all loved it there (snorkeling-just like in the ocean but without the waves, wadding in a pool with sting rays, a lazy river that went into a bird aviary where you could feed the birds, and it was all inclusive so all you could eat snacks all day plus meals!) My dreams came true too- I was able to interact with a dolphin! I have totally loved dolphins every since I was little and I have always wanted to swim, interact, play with dolphins and I got the chance! But now I want to spend the whole day with a dolphin....maybe someday :-)
Look at me... I love this!

Grandpa, Grammy, Hunter, Me, Jennifer, Jillian (Jon & Mark were the videographer & photographer while Cadence and Jacob sat next to them watching... Mckay was under some tree sleeping)

Getting a ride from the Dolphin!

Mckay & Aunt Jennifer hiding from the sun (I love this picture, so cute)

All the cousins: Hunter, Mckay, Cadence, Jillian & Jacob

Our Fam in the sting ray pool.

Our Fam at Sea World. Jacob and I loved loved loved watching the shows, but it was way too hot. Jacob also rode his first roller coaster here and loved it!

Grandparents with some of the grandkids at Sea World. Poor Mckay was so hot and sweaty- so we just kept her naked a lot of the time.

The Girl Cousins- they were so good with Mckay

Hanging out at the Condo
Jacob having fun at the Orlando airport. Thank you to all the Maginot family for a wonderful week filled with wonderful memories!

Mckay's first baseball game. LDS night at the giants. Also my first time to this stadium (that view is awesome). Random side note- during the game they flashed a message that said Happy Anniversary Jon & Michelle (right names just 2 months early)- I wished I had the camera out to take a picture of it.

Austen & Aiden with Jacob & Mckay. In Modesto at the Rowe's new home. Melissa and I became good friends in Sunnyvale and then they moved away :-( I took the kids to visit overnight while jon was "mamping" (man camping) We miss the Rowe's tons, but glad there not too far away.
Stay tuned for July's adventures... coming soon to a blog near you.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Easter & So Cal Trip

I'll get caught up one of these days...

Getting ready to find the eggs

Jacob loved looking for eggs

Small enough to fit in her basket!

So Cal trip in May- we spent half a day in Los Angeles visiting our old stomping grounds and saw some good friends. We had a great time but it wasn't long enough, we sure miss you guys! Then we went down to San Diego for my cousin Randy Hulme's Wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and reception and we loved seeing lots of family. A short but fun trip!

Jacob at the LA Temple

Mckay's first time in a swing- she loved it! And I love this picture.

The next 3 are our friends- The McMillians and Johnson's- we had pizza, played wii, and caught up on life.

cousins: Diana, Jen, Michelle, Kristine
(waiting at the Temple after the sealing)

Kristine's kids & Jacob (we just call them Jacob's cousins) Jacob had a great time with them- wish we lived closer to them so the kids could be good friends!

Nana & Mckay at the reception.

Jacob loved the sparkler send off!