Friday, January 29, 2010

Sad news & Grateful for the gospel

I found out today that my friend’s 1 ½ yr old son passed away. My thoughts and prayers have been with her all day. As well as my tears. I have had lots of different thoughts today and the Lord has taught me a lot as well. I have one thought that I wanted to share: Today I have been reminded of how grateful I am for my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel; and especially my knowledge that Cooper and his parents will live together in the next life. And that if anything happened to Jon or my children I know that I will be with them forever and I will see them again in the next life. I am grateful that Jon and I were sealed together for eternity in the temple and that our children are sealed to us eternally as well. I cannot even imagine going through a loss like this with out that knowledge and testimony that I have. I am a very lucky person in so many ways and I hope I never forget that.