Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long awaited Mckay/Family pictures

sorry I haven't posted any pics- we don't have internet at our house. Also I want to apologize for some of the long explanations below- I'm not a good journal writer- so this is my journal

We love cuddling together. 12-19-09 in the hospital

This is my angel (my nurse Aimee)- seriously Aimee being my nurse was a huge tender mercy from the Lord. She was the first nurse I had the first couple hours of Jacob's labor (she was my favorite nurse back then), she was the perfect nurse for me. Her shifted started about 2 or 3 hours after I arrived at the hospital and her shift ended right after McKay was born. Thank you Aimee!
12-19-09 The first time our family was together, and what a perfect evening it was!

Holding McKay for the first time.
The best big brother ever!

Nana & the kids
mommy with her two precious kids. That night bringing the family home/together was a precious night for me, Jacob was absolutely adorable with McKay... when he was holding her and looking at her out of the blue he said "oh, so cute" (about McKay)... I thought my heart was going to melt. The first thing he did when he came into the house was ask for and look for Mckay- he went to her car sear but she wasn't in there, then he saw her on the couch and was so excited to see her and give her the present he got her. He also gave me a precious moments 'mother' figurine that he saw at Nana's house and wanted to give it to his mother... again, my heart melted.

Christmas Day... Happy Family!

12-31-09 posing for pics

1-3-10 Mckay's baby blessing at church

McKay was blessed in the same dress that I was blessed in 28 years ago.

so I can never get cute pics of McKay, but she really is a pretty baby.