Monday, August 23, 2010

June Adventures

The big event in June was our Maginot Family Reunion in Orlando Florida (celebrating Dad & Mom's 40 year wedding anniversary)- we had tons of fun! Highlights include- playing at the resort pool, hanging out in the condo playing with cousins, Discovery Cove, Aquatica & Sea World. at the pool with Hunter, Jon, Jacob, Grandpa

Discovery Cove was probably the highlight for us- we all loved it there (snorkeling-just like in the ocean but without the waves, wadding in a pool with sting rays, a lazy river that went into a bird aviary where you could feed the birds, and it was all inclusive so all you could eat snacks all day plus meals!) My dreams came true too- I was able to interact with a dolphin! I have totally loved dolphins every since I was little and I have always wanted to swim, interact, play with dolphins and I got the chance! But now I want to spend the whole day with a dolphin....maybe someday :-)
Look at me... I love this!

Grandpa, Grammy, Hunter, Me, Jennifer, Jillian (Jon & Mark were the videographer & photographer while Cadence and Jacob sat next to them watching... Mckay was under some tree sleeping)

Getting a ride from the Dolphin!

Mckay & Aunt Jennifer hiding from the sun (I love this picture, so cute)

All the cousins: Hunter, Mckay, Cadence, Jillian & Jacob

Our Fam in the sting ray pool.

Our Fam at Sea World. Jacob and I loved loved loved watching the shows, but it was way too hot. Jacob also rode his first roller coaster here and loved it!

Grandparents with some of the grandkids at Sea World. Poor Mckay was so hot and sweaty- so we just kept her naked a lot of the time.

The Girl Cousins- they were so good with Mckay

Hanging out at the Condo
Jacob having fun at the Orlando airport. Thank you to all the Maginot family for a wonderful week filled with wonderful memories!

Mckay's first baseball game. LDS night at the giants. Also my first time to this stadium (that view is awesome). Random side note- during the game they flashed a message that said Happy Anniversary Jon & Michelle (right names just 2 months early)- I wished I had the camera out to take a picture of it.

Austen & Aiden with Jacob & Mckay. In Modesto at the Rowe's new home. Melissa and I became good friends in Sunnyvale and then they moved away :-( I took the kids to visit overnight while jon was "mamping" (man camping) We miss the Rowe's tons, but glad there not too far away.
Stay tuned for July's adventures... coming soon to a blog near you.