Monday, December 20, 2010

Recent Happenings

I did a little photo shoot of Mckay- lots of cute pictures- don’t want to bore you with all of them so here’s a few of my favorites.

Photo shoot with both kids a few days later.

Watching BYU football at the Porters… go Cougars!
Dad & Jacob putting up the Christmas lights

Mom & Mckay admiring the finished Christmas lights!

The kids and I helped Nana & Uncle Mike cut down their Christmas tree… we had a great time!

(Jacob put his hand in his pocket and did that little foot/leg pop all on his own, thought it was so cute!)

Super strong Uncle Mike

car got stuck... fun adventure... and we made a new friend- Erik, who's Christmas tree farm we were at.

Something weird is happening to me…

I want a new little baby in the house, I don’t want my kids to grow-up, and I am wishing I could do last December again (delivering Mckay, bringing her home, and all the good stuff that came with that).

Now I know to many of you these feelings are not weird, but they are new to me. Previously I have not been a fan of little babies- I think having perfect baby Mckay changed that- and especially not a fan of the 9 months of feeling sick all the time in order to get the baby. Which by the way is the reason that I don’t think we’ll have a baby any time soon. As much as I want a baby, I am just not ready for the 9 months of nausea that comes along with it.

Also previously I’ve always been anxious and excited for the day all our kids are grown or out of the house so Jon and I can play, have more freedom, and serve a mission. And I’ve always been excited about my kids getting older; not really sad about leaving the stages they have gone through. It’s hard to explain exactly how I feel now, but I am sad about leaving this stage of life/motherhood. I am happy and loving it- being a mom is wonderful! (well- not quite as wonderful when Mckay’s not sleeping well- but overall it’s great!)

(I actually wrote these thoughts almost 4 weeks ago... but just now posting)
Also, if I keep trying to play catch up on my posts it will never happen and I'll give up. So I am just starting fresh and hopefully will be more regular now.