Friday, March 18, 2011

Park City Utah in February

Jacob’s thoughts about our trip & what he liked (in his own words):

-The first time I didn’t like to ski in the snow, but the second time I like it!

-I liked making snowballs and going sledding.

-I liked to read the book with Cassie, and me and David listening to it.

-Sleeping well. (he must have a bad memory, he was sick and would wake-up coughing, -often ending up in our bedroom)

-I liked seeing Greg & Lindsay, and David & Cassie in Utah. And Trevor, and everyone together.

-I watched Trevor & Michael, & Jenni & Dad throwing snowballs at the four of them.

My thoughts:

-Bummer that the kids and Jon were sick a lot of the trip, but we still had a fun time!

-I didn’t ski much, but the first day skiing with Jon (and a little with Lindsay & Greg) was probably the best snow I have ever skied on and the weather was awesome- all around perfect.

-I loved seeing the kids love the snow. They both loved sledding (once we got passed Jacob’s meltdown putting his snow clothes and boots on). And like Jacob said, he didn’t like skiing the first time, but then he loved it, and that was tons of fun! One day we took him down the bunny hill- he totally loved the lift, but since he hasn’t figured out snowplow/pizza wedge I skied down backwards and held his hands most of the way down. The other days we just had him ski down the little slope between the ski lifts, he loved, loved, loved it! Maybe next year he’ll figure out how to slow down and stop instead of falling over.

-On one of the days we went down to BYU. Saw the amazing Carl Bloch exhibit, visited with Jon’s old boss, shopped in the BYU bookstore (mainly to get Jon a Jimmer shirt, and cinnamon bears for me), ate in the cougar eat, and last but not least, went to the BYU basketball game!

-We went to Temple Square in Salt Lake our first day before we headed up to Park City. A wonderful spirit, as it always is when we talk about Christ, and put ourselves in holy places.

-All in all a good trip!! Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday at Temple Square

Sledding on Monday

Jacob wanted to do the jump too, so they went over it nice and slow :-)

Wednesday at the BYU basketball game- Go Cougars! (let's hope they make the sweet 16)

my hot, sexy husband (so he came in from skiing and he was lookin so good, I wanted to take a picture of him and he gave me funny poses)
The whole crew