Monday, April 18, 2011

Day of Service

For the last two years we have participated in the Mormon Helping Hands in California! Can't wait to do it again this year!
In 2009 we went door to door collecting cans for Second Harvest Food Bank.
In 2010 we dug, planted & fixed picnic tables at a Sunnyvale Park. We will be doing that again this year.

Just saw this video with Steve Young about the Mormon Helping Hands day- check it out here.

You don't have to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to take part in the day of service. If you are interested in helping that day go here, or ask me about it!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I love Jacob & Mckay!

This post is inspired by my friend who just wrote something similar on her own blog- Thank you Jo!
Things I love about Jacob:

I love that Jacob is such a kind, helpful and loving person at heart. I love that he says, “Mom, do you know that I love you” (something I say to him at times). I love how he blows kisses to mckay before her nap and says to her, “sweet dreams”. I love that the first time he met mckay he gave her a tender kiss and send “so cute”. I love it when he holds Mckay’s hand and helps her walk from the car to the house. I love listening to the two of them in the car as they make noises and laugh in the back seat. I love singing with Jacob. I loved it when the other morning Jacob was telling me that he was sad, and wanted me to read the scriptures to him so he’d feel better. I also love it when I am reading my scriptures and he asks me to read them out loud, or sometimes I’ll ask him if he wants me to read it out loud, and then he listens and asks questions about what I am reading to him. I love how he loves to learn. I love how he gets excited about things; just the other day he was at a friend’s house to help celebrate his friends birthday, the mom told me how excited Jacob was about the cake, and presents and made the little family birthday party more exciting. I love that he cares for other people, when someone else is crying he’s always worried about them and wants to comfort them (even from a very young age he would do that). I love it when Jacob in his sweet voice says, “mom, don’t have happy tears.” Something I often have when I am reading the scriptures or sharing a gospel principle/my testimony. I’ll look at him and he has a concerned look on his face and often dabs at his eyes (I think he might be a sympathy crier like his mother as he gets older). I love how he loves to snuggle with me and read books. I love how he can now un load the entire dishwasher by himself (he just puts the things that go up high on the counter, but most everything he can put away himself) I love that he is so good at making Mckay laugh. He use to be the only one who could really get her laughing good- but I think daddy and I have started to figure it out too. I love how he loves to draw and color and paint, and then he loves giving them to other people. Just last weekend during general conference he drew a picture of the Salt Lake temple (basically a colored in square with a few spires) and then said he wanted to send it to the Prophet, President Monson. I love how he gets out the Behold Your Little Ones Manual and gives us Family night lessons, and I love how at times he wants to have Family Night multiple times during the week. I love how he is such a good helper to me (taking out diapers, helping with Mckay, getting things for me, etc).

Things I love about Mckay:

I love her head nod yes, so adorable. She use to do yes and no and fairly accurately, but now she pretty much only nods her head yes with any question you ask her (ex, do you want to go to bed Mckay-nods her head yes, then immediately ask her do you want to stay up- nods her head yes). I love how she loves waving and saying hello to everyone all the time. She also waves goodbye and blows kisses as well as saying goodbye. And the tone of her voice when she says hello or bye is so sweet & precious. I love her smile. I love how she recently has really taken to her blankies and her bear, I love how when it’s bedtime or naptime she goes to her blankie and puts her head down on it. I love how she always gives hugs and kisses when you ask for them (often her kiss is just her leaning her mouth in to you). I love when she wraps both her arms around my neck. I love how she loves little baby dolls and takes good care of them, giving them kisses and hugs and putting a blanket around them. I love what a great eater she is. I think she’ll be like her mom, loves eating all the time and loves nearly all foods. I love it how she’ll just come over to me (and she does this to Jon) usually when I am standing and just leans in to me, giving me what we call ‘love’ or ‘loves’ (basically a hug). I absolutely love how excited she gets when she hears or sees dad coming through the gate and opening the door when he comes home from work- often she’ll have a squeal of delight. I love how she loves Jacob and gives him hugs.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I love to see the temple....

I went there thursday night. For those who know that primary song, I hope you sung the title and first line as you read them :-)
I am always in an extra good mood right after I leave the temple, but on Thursday night that extra good mood started almost as soon as I entered the temple. I just felt happy, and giddy, and smiley the entire time- it was wonderful! While I was in the temple I re-made a goal of mine to be more cheerful and smile more (so whenever you see me, make sure I am smiling!) We also ran in to our friends the Geddes in the temple and that was fun. I am grateful that Jon and I were married in the temple so that we will be together forever (even after we die), and that we will be with our children forever as well. What a joy and peace that brings to me. And then, to be close enough to the temple to go monthly makes it that much better!