Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Great day with Caleb!!

Caleb and I had a super fun day today, don't want to forget it!  Played sports out front in the sun for a bit, then took Grammy and Grandpa Maginot to the airport (saying good bye was the one sad thing today).  Then Caleb and I went to scrambl'z a fun restaurant in San Jose (I had an expired deal I wanted to use, and the place looked yummy and cool).  
We got to eat our meal in a bus!! Caleb bought that was the coolest thing ever and was so excited.  We checked out a bit of the restaurant while we waited for the table in the bus to be ready.

Caleb saw a fun gumball machine, so on our way out he got a gumball and just loved that!

I saw there was a bass pro shop across the street and remembered going into one with the kids a few years ago and it had fun things to look at so we headed over there and I let Caleb take the lead.  First we checked out the big ski and fishing boats.  Then we checked out the atv's- he loved pretending to drive it! 

Saw all the stuffed animals, fish in the tank, etc.  He even loved just checking out some of displays/things for sale (like the glass beads that looked like marbles and the sling shot). Then headed to the adjoining store to check it out, thought it might be just a restaurant but it was a restaurant and bowling alley- an underwater bowling alley, it was so cool!! (Unfortunately didn't take pictures of it, but plan to go back for a family bowling day! All day Caleb's been asking about going back, waiting is hard for a 3 yr old 😃)
On our way out wanted to get a picture of him with the entrance sign, did that but also got some pictures that turned out really cute!  I love my Caleb and today was a super fun adventure!!